About Us

Sigourney has been honored to have a hospital since 1921 when Dr. William Pfannebecker of Sigourney and Dr. Clarence Heald of South English opened the first hospital on the south side of the square. These two physicians purchased the Merchant’s Hotel and remodeled it with 16 beds and 6 bassinets, an operating room, sterilizing room, and an x-ray room with developing capabilities. The hospital had electric lights, hot and cold running water, and two cisterns to provide soft water. It was state of the art for 1921. Dr. Heald is noted for being responsible for the warning label on boxes of laxatives. He authored a paper detailing the dangers of giving laxatives for abdominal pain. In 1938 the warning was included in the Federal Pure Food and Drug Act. This law significantly lowered the deaths associated with appendicitis. Dr. Heald operated his privately owned hospital until he retired in 1954.

In 1951, the voters of Keokuk County passed a $200,000.00 bond issue for the Keokuk County Memorial Hospital with an 84% favorable vote. The 5 acre site on which that hospital, and now the present hospital, is located was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Glen Noller. Several alternate sites were considered, but the selection was made on the insistence of the state board of health which designated that the hospital should be located close to the center of population of the county. That hospital officially opened on August 9, 1954 and continued to serve the public well until February of 2007 when the new facility was built.

Keokuk County Health Center (KCHC) is a tax-exempt, 14 bed, Critical Access Hospital (CAH) affiliated with the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics Health System. We have been providing quality healthcare since our founding in 1954. Accredited by the state of Iowa as a level IV Trauma Care Center and a CAH, Keokuk County Health Center is located at 23019 Highway 149 in Sigourney, Iowa. It is our mission to provide quality and compassionate care. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to keep our patient’s needs in mind and to keep our well staff trained. As a small hospital, you can enjoy more time with your nurse and provider, whether it is through our Emergency Room, as a patient in our hospital, or in one of our clinics.

The Keokuk County Medical Center is located on the KCHC campus and provides health care services Monday through Friday. The entrance is located on the back side of the Health Center. While emergency services are still a primary focus, a need was seen for a clinic to meet more common, daily needs such as a cold, the flu, sore throats, medicine management, etc. Clinic staff includes 1 physicians and 4 staff practitioners.

KCHC is operated by an elected 7 member board of trustees. They are elected for 4-year terms and meet monthly. The trustees are responsible for everything covering health center operations, including but not limited to the care of the building and grounds, control and supervision of all staff physicians, nurses and other employees. In 2006, KCHC broke ground on a beautiful, new facility which has grown to include many new services. Patients and employees alike appreciate the diversity of services and providers available, the simple, easy to navigate floor plan as well as the convenient parking.

Jim Eschenbrenner, Pres, Ron Kurtz, Sec, Jan Parcell, Treas, Members: Loretta Hudson, Frank Mertz, Cheryl Monroe, Jodi Greiner

KCHC is committed to providing quality and compassionate care. In our rural setting, the employee to patient interaction is relationship driven due much in part to the size and closeness of our community. We promote a culture where everyone is important and works together to improve the lives of those we serve. Our communities are driven by traditional core values such as helping your neighbor, treating others as you want to be treated, and lifting up the community in times of need.

Having easy, quality access to health care services locally is a primary concern of rural Iowans. The Keokuk County Health Center (KCHC) was designed by Durrant Arthitects and built in 2007. It offers enhanced patient care equipment, includes state of the art technology for improved diagnostic and treatment options, a more efficient floor plan, convenient parking, and a highly trained, professional staff to meet your health care needs. Located in Sigourney, Iowa, it provides vital medical services to approximately 10,000+ residents in Keokuk County.