Speech Therapy

Our speech therapist is available by appointment, Monday thru Friday. To schedule an appointment, please call (641) 622-1180.

Speech-language pathology evaluates and treats patients to improve functional communication and cognitive skills. We also evaluate and modify swallowing techniques and introduce diet modifications when necessary. Patients of all ages are treated with acquired difficulties in the following areas:

• Speech
• Language
• Voice
• Cognition
• Swallowing
• Fluency

Patients with the following diagnoses, plus many more are treated: traumatic brain injury, stroke, neuromuscular disease, and degenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and dementia. KCHC strives to provide individualized, skilled care to improve their patient’s quality of life.

Our Speech Therapy Staff

Molly McLaughlin, CCC-SLP, interest include geriatrics, dysphagia, and aphasia.