Outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy

Available to patients for a variety of health conditions.

Patients will benefit from education on the following diets:

• Diabetes
• Weight Reduction
• Food Allergies
• Heart Healthy Diet for High Cholesterol
• Child Nutrition Concerns
• Low Sodium for Hypertension or Heart Failure

Diabetes education is important for patients to reach optimal blood glucose control. Patients may be newly diagnosed or have poor control with current management. Education can be provided on using a blood glucose monitor if desired.

Most insurance will cover medical nutrition therapy for diabetes. Medicare will cover up to 3 hours of education per year as needed. Follow up appointments are scheduled as appropriate with patients to improve blood glucose and meet patient goals.

Upon referring outpatients for medical nutrition therapy a current list of medications and recent labs is requested.

All patients are encouraged to check their insurance coverage prior to attending an appointment.

Please contact Diane Bown, Dietary Manager at 641-622-1146 or fax referral to 641-622-1416.

Patients will be contacted when referrals are received to schedule an appointment.