Inpatient Care

For more information regarding inpatient care at Keokuk County Hospital & Clinics (KCHC) please call, Wendy Stuhr, Director of Hospital Operations at 641-622-1120 or Jodi Renner, Social Services/Discharge Planner at (641) 622-1130.

KCHC provides inpatient, swing and skilled care — acute, long-term, respite and hospice care levels. We are proud to provide our patients all private rooms with private bathrooms, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Wound Therapy, IV Therapy, Activity Therapy, and friendly, caring staff. 

Swing Bed

Swing bed care is a Medicare program designed to provide additional skilled care to those needing extra time to heal before returning home. A swing bed means it swings in the way Medicare reimburses for the care provided for the patient. A patient being treated for an acute condition can remain in the hospital for follow up care rather than be discharged to their home when they are not quite ready or discharged to the nursing home when they really only need care for a few more days or weeks. The patient stays in the same room, receives the same care, but the services are billed differently. The patient may have been hospitalized in a facility away from home and be transferred back to their local hospital for their swing bed stay.

Who qualifies for Swing Bed Services? Acute care patients who have had a qualifying hospital stay (3 consecutive days in acute care) and your Provider has determined that you need daily skilled care. Care must be given by or under the direct supervision of skilled nursing or rehabilitation staff.

Is Swing Bed Care Covered by Insurance? Swing Bed Care is often covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurances. If you have any questions you can call and speak to our Social Service Discharge Planner who can help answer your questions.

Medicare coverage is limited to 100 days of skilled care per episode of illness. A patient would have to be out of the hospital for 60 days for the 100 days to reset. Medicare covers the first 20 days at 100%. Days 21-100 are covered minus a coinsurance that may be covered by a secondary insurance.

If you have a Medicare Managed Care Plan or Private Insurance, coverage may vary and benefits will need to be checked by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. Our staff can assist you with this.

What can I expect during my stay?

Swing bed patients receive daily nursing care and therapies as ordered. Each patient will have a Care Plan specific to their needs to help restore their ability to perform activities of daily living such as walking, climbing stairs, dressing and bathing.

You will have a weekly care team meeting to discuss your progress and determine if you continue to meet skilled care criteria. Once you no longer meet skilled criteria the discharge planner will assist in making arrangements for home care, medical equipment or nursing home placement.

Skilled Care

One Step Closer to Home. Have you or a loved one suffered a stroke or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? Perhaps you are contemplating surgery, recovering from surgery, or have been in an accident. If so, you can receive your follow up care locally rather than hours away.

Keokuk County Hospital & Clinics provides Skilled Care services to individuals who are medically stable enough to be discharged from the acute hospital setting but who still need additional services for a short time. This service may include IV antibiotic administration, pain control, lab or other services. Recovery and rehabilitation can be aided by physical, occupational, and/or speech therapists with the goal of returning the patient to pre-hospital activity levels. Skilled Care services are designed for individuals who need 24-hour nursing care. This care is provided by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team of professional caregivers who receive medical direction from a qualified medical practitioner.

Skilled Care patients are treated according to an individually developed care plan tailored to meet specific medical and rehabilitative needs. This plan is based on assessments completed during the admission process. Each patient’s condition and progress is continuously monitored throughout the stay and adjustments are made to the care plan to reflect any changes in status or patient needs.

If you or a loved one have been admitted to a hospital for an acute medical condition which involves a stay of more than 3 days, you may qualify for additional skilled care services.

Any time day or night! Keokuk County Hospital & Clinics prides itself on meeting your admission needs 24 hours per day, seven days per week. A patient, family member, or health care professional can start the admission process with a phone call. Patients may be admitted anytime by calling our main number at 641-622-2720. Our patients can be confident that they will get the best care possible. Family members can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved one is being treated with the medical expertise, caring, and the respect they deserve.

Just Like Home. While medical attention is certainly a focus, Keokuk County Hospital & Clinics offers many home-like amenities and social events. Family members are considered an important part of the team caring for their loved ones. We use a holistic approach by focusing on the entire person. Mental stimulation provided through recreational and therapeutic activities designed at varying levels of skill is offered by our activity department. Beauty and barber services are also available on-site. Patients and their families are encouraged to visit frequently and may use our activity room for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other events provided by the health center.

Best of all, when considering your skilled care needs, please remember that you will be only minutes away from family and friends. Keokuk County Hospital & Clinics can help determine if the patient and/or the family of the patient could benefit from skilled care services.